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Conrad Lempert

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I am a PhD student with Patrick Baudisch at HPI. I am researching digital fabrication.

Full papers at CHI/UIST

2. AutoAssembler: Automatic Reconstruction of Laser-Cut 3D Models

Thijs Roumen, Conrad Lempert, Ingo Apel, Erik Brendel, Markus Brand, Laurenz Seidel, Lukas Rambold, and Patrick Baudisch

In Proceedings of UIST '21 (full paper)

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1. Assembler³: 3D Reconstruction of Laser-Cut Models

Thijs Roumen, Yannis Kommana, Ingo Apel, Conrad Lempert, Markus Brand, Erik Brendel, Laurenz Seidel, Lukas Rambold, Carl Goedecken, Pascal Crenzin, Ben Hurdelhey, Muhammad Abdullah, and Patrick Baudisch

In Proceedings of CHI '21 (full paper)

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IT-Systems Engineering (HPI)

Thesis: Web-based analysis of multi-temporal point clouds
Master: 2018 - 2021
Bachelor: 2015 - 2018